Replicate GF GreyBox Processing

Upon occasion, we are asked to replicate GF Greybox processing in third-party DSPs.

WARNING: Do not share this information with anyone outside EAW. This is not for end-user use!!!! This item is for internal information only!!!

The process for verifying these settings is as follows:

1. Load the desired Greyboxes into a UX8800 or 3600. Set amp gain to 32 dB and Vrms to 80V. SET AIR LOSS TO 3.28 FT (1M).

2. Utilizing Smaart or FChart, electronically measure each Greybox leg output. For products utilizing dynamic EQ (such as Club.two), ensure that drive level is low enough so that dynamic processing is not engaged. For each passband, find new alignment delay time.

3. Load the corresponding Macro/Plugin into the third-party DSP.

4. Trace each output leg of the third-party EQ, again ensuring to find new alignment delay for each passband.

5. Compare magnitude and phase traces from steps #2 and #4. Calculate delay differential between passbands and confirm that it matches in both processors to within .1 milliseconds (NOTE: absolute delay may be different, but delay offset between passbands should be the same). Also verify that gain offset is correct between channels (again, absolute gain may differ).

6. If necessary, make corrections to PEQ and HPF/LPF so that traces match as closely as possible.