Customer asks how to connect or is having trouble connecting to connect to one of our Ethernet enabled products

If connecting directly from computer to the Ethernet port, you must use a CAT 5e or CAT 6 "cross-over" cable such as the one that  comes in the box with a UX8800.

If connecting to a switch or router, use a standard CAT 5e or CAT 6 cable.

The computer must be set to the same IP range as the processor:

- Default UX8800 IP address is, Sub-net mask
- Computer must be set to, Sub-net Mask
- Domain server doesn't matter.

In Pilot software, select Tools>Communications and select "Obtain IP Addres by Broadcast"

Once all of these settings have been confirmed, click on "Go Online". Any connected devices should be listed in the "Found Devices" tab