Dante network best practices

Some devices request an IP for 10 seconds some 45 some 3 minutes and some

try multiple times. What might happen is a system boots on and the switch takes maybe 45-3 minutes to boot while audio gear boots in less than 3 seconds. Devices are looking for an address but no one is answering. This isn't always a problem but seems to be a hassle none the less.

Options for device ids or network schemes are :
169 auto assignment
DHCP + Address Reservation
Static IP (preferred)

Redundant switch
Redundant switch + redundant power
Multiple VLAN switch
PTP Point to Point (no switch)
PTP daisy chain


Multicast locked

Simulcast locked
Strip out Multicast or use IGMP

As far as power sequencing, amps are last on first off still applies
but with switch gear its the opposite. Switch is first on last off
and always on a UPS if a mission critical application same as