DX1208 reset

1) Power down your DX1208 and disconnect all cables.

2) Remove the screws securing the top case cover to the body of the DX1208. There are twenty screws, located on the top and sides.

3) Carefully remove the top cover. WARNING: Once the case is open, be careful not to touch the large capacitors in the power supply, as they may sll hold some charge!

4) Plug the DX1208's power cord back in and turn on the DX1208. WARNING: Now you really need to avoid touching anything you don't need to inside the case, as there is power flowing!

5) Locate the DIP switchbay labelled 'S6'. If you mentally draw a straight line from the USB jack on the front of the case to the DXLink jacks on the rear of the case, 'S6' is just to the le of the line about a third of the way from the front, right in front of an array of two rows of spikes. Behind the row of spikes there should be a flashing red LED, which should currently be flashing in a 'double pulse' paern.

6) The switches on 'S6' should be set 'DOWN DOWN UP DOWN' when read in order; switch one is the rearmost switch. You need to li switch 4 into the 'UP' posion, so the bay reads 'DOWN DOWN UP UP'.

7) Cycle power. Now the LED from step 5 should be flashing in a 'triple pulse' paern, indicang that the DX1208 is held in boot.

8) Return switch 4 of the 'S6' switchbay to its original 'DOWN' posion. (Do NOT cycle power.)

9) Connect the DX1208 to your PC via USB.

10) Open DX Updater and 'Connect' to the DX1208. 'Ping' should indicate that the DX1208 is in boot.