Integrating Radius into networks with other Dante equipment

The audio source from mixing consoles and other DANTE equipment can be tricky. It’s very different than using a laptop DVS or a lake DSP as a source for Dante on a closed network.

The digital audio clock in the console MUST be synced to the Dante network or instability can occur. If the consoleis not set to the preferred master AND “Sync to External”, the clocking can be a problem. Clicks and pops may randomly happen and the elevated master and other event errors can occur in Dante Controller. A simple check box to “Sync to External” and “Preferred Master” on the stagebox can correct all this.

Most users with Adaptive or other Dante gear are already used to using NON DCHP networks… (169.254.x.x/172.31.x.x). As soon a DHCP router is added for wifi connectivity to Mosaic, everything on the network may or may not start getting different IP addresses depending on when it's connected.

This means that everything on the network behaves with the normal self-assigned addressing (169.254.x.x/172.31.x.x) and so will the iPad.

The only oddity is that the iPad won’t show the wifi symbol. Image result for wifi symbol in the corner when connected and using self-assigned IP’s. But Mosaic still appears to work fine and the network is better understood.