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Intermittent loud snap a few minutes after the system is powered up

Loud, intermittent snap through system a few minutes after UX processor and speaker system is powered on.

This is an issue that only occurs when running U-NET Audio:

This issue can be resolved by a firmware upgrade which should be possible to do without physical access to the NTL modules (assuming access is available on the network via the UX8800).

It's suggested to download the latest build of Pilot/Manger, as well as the file ‘NT/NTL/NTS Firmware v.143 Installer’

Once installed, the ‘Firmware v.143 Installer’ will update the files in the EAW Manager directory to FW v.143. After that, an update to the NTL firmware in EAW Manager the same way you normally would can be done.

This is a symptom which is similar to an issue that was addressed by FW 143