IRDA Diagnostic Analysis

The IRDA results are captured in the network diagnostic that runs when you are online in Resolution and hit CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-D-D (press D twice while holding everything else down). It will query everything and print out a screen of text. Copy this to a notepad file and bring it back. An example of that is attached.

For each module, there will be an entry like this:

So you can see that these modules are vertically adjacent. 4032 is above e4ec, and their top and bottom IRDAs reflect this. The process to find a problem is to start with one module and 'assemble’ the array until you see a hole where you know there shouldn’t be one.

So, I copied in 4032, then I found e4ec and added that, then whatever one comes next until you have the whole system. At some point, you will see a gap that you know should not physically be there (based on the Resolution file or a photo, or what you remember from the array configuration).