Radius (RSX) module is stuck in Firmware Update (Recovery) Mode.

NOTE: This tends to happen more often with older RSX hardware and if user attempts to update firmware in all boxes without a DHCP server.

If a module ends up stuck in this mode, try to following steps:

    1. Disconnect the module from the network
    2. plug a wifi router or computer directly into the COMM port
    3. Open Mosaic and look for the speaker to show in the shelf
    4. Once online, tap once and two options should be presented:
      1. Reboot
      2. Update Firmware
    5. First attempt Reboot, then once complete, update firmware
    6. if this does not work, try it several more times
    7. if still not successful, power down the module
    8. power the module back up holding the jog wheel
    9. Once fully powered up, attempt steps 3-6 again