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Transfer UX8800 Presets

User has multiple presets stored in UX8800 and wants to transfer them all to another UX8800

There is not a single-step operation to copy all presets from one unit to another. Only the unit’s current active state can be stored and loaded from one unit to another. So to copy multiple presets, you must do the following:

-On the first UX8800, load the preset you want to copy via the front panel.

-Connect to the UX8800 in Pilot. Drag the UX8800 from “Found Devices” to “Design”. Save the file.

-Recall the next preset from the UX8800 front panel. The active settings on the unit will update in Pilot. Save the Pilot file as a different name, corresponding to preset two. Repeat until you have successfully downloaded and saved all presets from the source UX8800. Once you’re done, go offline and close Pilot.

-In Pilot, open up the .ept file of the first preset you saved. Then, connect to the new UX8800 in Pilot (the UX8800 you want to send the preset to).

-Drag the UX8800 from “Found Devices” on top of the UX8800 under “Design”. Write the settings to the processor when you are prompted (a dialog box will appear).

-From the front panel, name and store the preset. Then go offline.

-In Pilot, open the .ept file of the next preset. Repeat steps #5 and 6, storing to each preset via the front panel until you have successfully transferred all of them.

Global preset saving is a feature we are exploring for the future, but given the massive amount of data stored in each preset, this is currently the only way to transfer them from one unit to another (one preset at a time).