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Trying to force update my firmware, but EAWManager is not detecting the right model LoudSpeaker.

This is most likely a failed / failing DSP board. All DSP’s start out as an NTL720, so reverting to that tends to suggest it has “lost its mind,” for want of a better phrase.

1.Under EAW > EAWPilot > Firmware, make a copy of both the INDICATED device .xxxbin file, and the CORRECT device .xxxbin file. Put these elsewhere.

2.Under EAW > EAWPilot > Fiwmare, rename .xxxxbin file for the device that Manager THINKS is connected. Add the words "OLD" or "xxx".

3.Rename the CORRECT firmware file AS the filename of the INDICATED device. This effectively 'fools' Manager into thinking that it is putting the matching firmware on the device (because the filename matches, which is all it checks), but it is actually the data for the correct device.

4.When the updated device completes firmware flash and reboots, it will come up as the correct name (regardless of what it originally thought it was).

5.Reinstall Pilot or just restore the original .xxxbin files.