What are the options available for flying/mounting the VFR129i?

There are a few options for flying/mounting VFR129i. The simplest is to use eyebolts and cable and fly each cabinet by the mounting points in the cabinet. A drawing with details is available here:


The VFR129i can also be mounted using our U-Bracket:

http://eaw.com /docs/1_Current_Products/VF/Accessories/UBKT-V12U_DRW2D_revA.p df

Adaptive Tech’s MM-120 can be used, and offers pan/tilt: http://www.adapttechgroup.com/mm-120.html

For any other configuration, or flying both boxes from a single point, a custom solution is required. Adaptive Technologies or Polar Focus would be the best bet, they both have done a lot of work with EAW products.