What is the correct rear link angle for the first RSX208L when connecng it to a FBX100 flybar?

There are 3 different angles to choose from in Mosaic - 0, 3, and 6 degrees. For good practice, use the angle recommended by the array assistant.

The hardware must match these angles exactly. The angle on the hardware should match the angle of the prediction.

The degree populated in Mosaic is referring to the actual position of the RSX208. So, if Mosaic recommends an angle of 0 degrees, to attain that physically you’d pin 6 degrees into the rear links. This differs going from speaker to speaker as opposed to speaker to flybar because of the trapezoidal shape of the RSX208L.

To break it down:

0 degrees in Mosaic = 6 degree hole position on hardware

3 degrees in Mosaic = 9 degree hole position on hardware

6 degrees in Mosaic = 12 degree hole position on hardware