Causes and solutions to seeing "Fragments" in EAWMosaic

1. More times than not, this is a connection issue. Make sure the proper (recommended hardware - From Audinate) is being used if attempting to connect Dante via a switch.

  • It's often times good to simplify the connection if issues are occurring. Work with a speaker at a time, connecting the wireless router to the COMM port, then Mosaic to the router.
  • If a speaker is still fragmented during this test, a good first step is to make sure the most recent firmware and version of mosaic is being used.

1. To check the firmware on the RSX module, please refer to the manual (this can be accessed via the back panel)

2. To check the version of Mosaic, simply click on Tools or the "gear icon" located at the upper right corner of the app.

  • If both are up to date, attempt a factory reset. This should be a fairly quick process and once complete, make sure to close and reopen Mosaic.
  • If the RSX is still not being discovered, creating a new system may sometimes help.

2. Another less likely cause could be related to the IRDA. If the wires were reversed from the amp module to the IR, the units will not communicate properly. Please refer to the KB entry below for more info on correcting this issue.